ELCAF 2018 full programme now live!

We’re super excited to announce the full programme for ELCAF 2018 today. Check our programme page for full details and tickets too! In addition to our roster of international artists giving talks and workshops, we have tonnes of local talent involved as well.

ELCAF’s 7th edition will be open 22-24 June and will again feature over 1oo exhibitors plus a programme of talks, screenings and workshops led by different artists from across the UK and beyond, including: Charlotte Dumortier, Patrick Kyle, Nina Cosco, Conor Stechschulte, Tor Brandt, Sammy Stein, Aisha Franz, Akvile Magicdust, Dawid Ryski and many, many more.

From May, in the lead up to the festival, ELCAF Season features talks, masterclasses and exhibitions in London and around the UK. Find out more info on our ELCAF Season page.

We can’t wait to see you there!

ELCAF x WeTransfer Award 2018

We are now taking submissions from exhibitors past and present to transform their ideas into a reality. The winner of the award will receive a £3,500 grant to print and publish their book for ELCAF 2019. Good luck to all, we’re looking forward to receiving your submissions.

Artwork by Akvile Magicdust, winner of the ELCAF 2017 award. Her book ‘Tropical Wildchilds’ will be launched at the festival in June.

Charlotte Dumortier is ELCAF 2018 artist in residence

Belgian illustrator Charlotte Dumortier joins ELCAF as our artist in residence 2018. Based in Antwerp, her work is characterised by bright colours and bold shapes. As well as being an illustrator, she also works as a motion graphics animator. Charlotte makes comics for zines and anthologies and her “first real comic book” is called Murphy’s Miserable Space Adventures and is published by Oogachtend. She also makes mini comics and zines under the moniker yum yum zines with her friend Shamisa Debroey who will also be joining ELCAF 2018.

Charlotte’s ELCAF 2018 poster will be available in June as a limited edition screen-print.

Exhibitor Applications Now Open

ELCAF 2018 is taking place on 22, 23 and 24 June 2018. We are now taking applications from publishers, collectives and individual artists to exhibit. To apply please check the guidelines and fill out your application form.

Image of Akvile Magicdust’s stall, exhibitor at ELCAF 2017

ELCAF 2017

Here it is, the video of the hot and sweaty ELCAF 2017!


ELCAF x WeTransfer Award Winner 2017

Winner of the ELCAF x WeTransfer Award 2017 is Lithuanian comics artist Akvile Magicdust.  Akvile’s incredibly weird and wonderful work ‘Lucy the Confused Girl’ has been running as an online comics series for the past year. Her proposal to turn it into a larger body of work, with time to develop a full length comic – printed, bound and ready for the world – was one the ELCAF jury were all incredibly excited to bring to life. We’re all waiting with baited breath to read the new adventures of Lucy, Tiger and Alien. Congratulations Akvile! We’ll be documenting her process over the coming months with the final book being released and launched at ELCAF 2018. Watch this space.

Akvile Magicdust x work in progress from akvilemagicdust on Vimeo.