ELCAF 2018 : June 22 – 24

We are now accepting exhibitor applications from individuals, collectives and publishers who work within the fields of comics, illustration, sequential art and storytelling.

To apply, please complete the following:

  1. Fill in the embedded form (ELCAF Exhibitor Application : 22 – 24 June 2018) below.
  2. Upload a PDF here of images that best represent your work. This might also include images of work intended to be sold at ELCAF 2018. The PDF must be a maximum of three A4 pages and under 5MB in file size. Please name your file : nameofyourstall_ELCAF2018.pdf

Please note, we receive a large number of applications and as such, will be unable to accept incomplete applications.

Your application must include both the submitted form and PDF.

The final exhibitor selections will be made available in the new year. See below for a list of previous contributors.


Decadence Comics
Lesley Barnes
Umpteen Press
Short Box
Dominic Kesterton
Caroline Celas
Joe Lyward
Warwick Johnson Cadwell
Breakdown Press
Jack Fletcher
Laurel Pettitt
Breakdown Press
Nick White
Simon Moreton
Pencil Bandit
Christian Harrop
Joshin Lee
Yukai Du
Tetley Clarke
Nous Vous
Emma Raby
John Riordan
Jen Leem Bruggen
Mhairi Braden
O Panda Gordo
Peony Gent
Peter Allen
Ed Cheverton
Ioan Morris
Drawn and Quarterly
Akville Magicdust
Helena Covell
Dominic Kesterton
Dom Mckenzie
Bum Fluff
Rune Ryberg
Silica Burn
Soap Boys
Lok Zine
Rogge Heinrich
Becca Human
Doggo Collective
Micro Library Books
Alex Norris
Andy Barron
La La La Pom Pom
Studio Roxas
Otto Press
Kim Clements
Rebecca Jones
Sam Baldwin
Frog Lump
Jayde Perkin & David McMillan
Sesame Drawing Club
Tom Kindley
Angela Pan
Ruja Press
John Cei Douglas
Nathan Cowdry
Atlantic Press
Not Now & Comic Book Slumber Party
Blood Bros
Owl and Dog Play Books
Cachete Jack
Grid Kids
Hamish Steele
Josh Hicks
James Nash
Kitokia Grafika
DE Press
Dirty Rotten Comics
United Dead Artists
Beatriz & Chie
Jonathan Cape
Luke Healy
Bebel Books
Andy Poyiadgi
Bia Melo
Joseph P Kelly
Brolly Lolly
Laura Callaghan
Zhang Liang Ray
Takayo Akiyama
Joao Fazenda
Francisco Sousa Lobo
Flying Eye Books
Dilraj Mann
Doug John Miller
Alexander Laird
Faber & Faber
Jenny & Jonny
Henry & Stanley Miller
Felt Mistress and Jonathan Edwards
Avery Hill
Sofia Niazi
Hey Chante
We Are Out of Office
Tiny Monster
Day Job
Central Vapeur
Tower Block Books
Les Trois Ourses
Tara Books