ELCAF 2015 was biggest it’s been! It was the first year we saw festival span over two days and across two new venues – The Laundry and SPACE in Hackney allowing us to deliver a larger programme of talks and workshops. In addition to the extended on-site programme, ELCAF offered a series of satellites events in the run-up to the festival including a solo exhibition by Ricardo Cavolo at NOW gallery and Masterclasses by Alexis Deacon and Atelier Capsule at the House of Illustration.

We had the pleasure of inviting award-winning illustrator Jillian Tamaki to be our artist-in-residence, giving her free reign to design the festival’s unique identity for 2015. Other guests include the likes of Sam Bosma, Michael Deforge, Philippa Rice, Brecht Vandenbroucke and Max. It was bigger, better, longer and an absolute blast!



Brecht Vandenbroucke


Panel Discussion:  Sam Bosma, Andy PoyiadgiPhilippa Rice and chaired by Andy Oliver

Arnal Ballester

Sam Bosma

Jason Sturgill

Henning Wagenbreth

Michael Deforge

Panel Discussion:  Sam Arthur (Nobrow), Annie Koyama (Koyama Press), Madalena Matoso (Planeta Tangerina), Ken Kirton (Hato Press), chaired by Alexandra Zsigmond (Deputy Art Director at the New York Times).

Manuele Fior


Daniela Olejnikova

Steven Guarnaccia

Jose Domingo

Jillian Tamaki


Digital play with Hato Studio

‘This Man Refused to Open his Eyes’ with Joan Casaramona

Folding Stories with Cristina Daura

Games We Play: the  Epinal/Loughborough book-making project


How to Make Comics: Ministry of Stories

Keyword Storymaking: Juan Diaz-Faes

Animaux Animals with Margaux Carpentier

Toy Hacking with Exploring Senses

Masks of the Cloud Beasts with Brolly Lolly

Paint your own Flag with Ricardo Cavolo


Clay with Charlotte Mei

Also featuring:

Masterclasses by Atelier Capsule and Alexis Deacon, music by guest DJs, live screenings/performance by Flat Pack Cinema, Springboard meetings, an exhibition by Steven Guarnaccia, satellite exhibition by Ricardo Cavolo.

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